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A Summer in Leipzig

While most HWS students can be found working in internships or jobs during the summer, Emily Nugent ’13 won’t be joining her classmates; instead, Nugent will be in the classroom, completing her spring semester. 

Nugent is studying in Leipzig, Germany, where semesters run from March to August.  Thanks to the Julius G. Blocker ‘53 Endowed Fellowship, Nugent and seven other HWS students are currently studying in Germany. “The Blocker Fellowship not only gives me the chance to indulge my passion for German culture, but it also provides me with a unique opportunity to share my love of German area studies with the Hobart and William Smith community,” explains Nugent, who also studied abroad in Germany while in high school.

Established by Julius G. Blocker ’53, the fellowship provides recipients with financial assistance for study abroad expenses, as well as a stipend to support their academic studies. Blocker, who spent year in Germany as a Fulbright scholar, created the fellowship in order to help as many students as possible to have a life-changing experience and to promote the understanding of German culture. Last year, the fellowship helped send Keegan Visser ’12 to Landau and Gwen Osserman ’14 to Tübingen.

“I got to meet a lot of very interesting people from all around the world through my orientation course and I was also able to go back and visit the host family I stayed with in high school,” says Nugent, who credits Associate Professor of German Eric Klaus for his help with the program.

“This fellowship offers students the opportunity to explore places and ideas that will expand their horizons and contribute to their growth as global citizens, something central to the ethos of Hobart and William Smith Colleges,” says Klaus.

Nugent says her experience as a University student has offered some challenges, despite her previous experience in Leipzig. “Picking classes was interesting. There is no online form here; you have to email or go to each professor and ask to take part in their classes!”

During her time abroad this semester, Nugent will complete a cultural project as part of the requirements of the Blocker Fellowship. The project helps document student encounters with German culture in creative ways, enabling the student to share the experiences with a broader audience; these experiences are then brought into the German-language classroom at HWS, says Klaus.

Nugent decided to do a blog as her cultural project, hoping to combine reflections of her high school experience in Germany with her current visit. As a William Smith student, Nugent also studied abroad with the education program in Auckland, New Zealand. An individual major in German area studies with a minor in education, she is a member of the Laurel Society and works in the Hobart Dean’s Office.


To read Nugent’s blog, visit http://deutschlandtaketwo.wordpress.com/

In the photo above, Emily Nugent meets with Associate Professor Eric Klaus.