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Colleges Awarded Tanaka Grant

Hobart and Williams Smith have been named the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Tanaka Memorial Foundation. Used to fund the expanding study of Asian Languages and Cultures, the year-long grant will help to support two Asian language teaching positions.

Due to the ever-increasing interest in Asian studies, the number of students pursing degrees in Asian Languages and Cultures continues to grow on the Hobart and William Smith campus. As a result, the number of language and area-studies courses offered has steadily expanded, requiring more instructors. The Colleges have worked to increase challenging and stimulating course offerings through their association with the Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange (ALLEX).

Each year, ALLEX brings native Chinese speakers to campus as trained language instructors – providing HWS students with unparalleled speaking, listening, writing and reading instruction. With the support of the Tanaka Memorial Foundation, the Colleges will host two ALLEX tutors to campus in the 2012-2013 academic year.

This grant is only one facet of the Colleges’ close relationship with the Tanaka Memorial Foundation, which has been indispensible in helping to foster global awareness on the HWS campus, and sustain the growth of the Asian Studies Department.

It is through the Tanaka Asian Studies Endowment that the Tanaka Lectureship in Japanese is sustained. An integral part of the Asian Languages Program, the lectureship provides students studying the Japanese language with a full-time language instructor. Currently serving as the Tanaka Lecturer is Kyoko Ishida-Klaus, who works with Associate Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures James-Henry Holland to create a team approach to language education that is both intensive and highly successful.

Since 1992, the Tanaka Memorial Foundation has been a major contributor to the education and intellectual growth of both faculty and students on campus, enabling them to travel abroad as part of Technos International Week. The transformative experience provides a cross-cultural exchange to two students and a member of faculty each June when Technos International College in Tokyo generously hosts the enriching program.

This summer, Kim Giegerich ’15, Andrew Hellmund ’14, Kimmie King ’14 and Gina Mercuri ’14 are joined by Assistant Professor of Architectural Studies Kirin Makker and Assistant Professor of History Lisa Yoshikawa at Technos International Week 2012.

In addition each year, students are also awarded with the Technos International Prizes on behalf of the Tanaka Ikeuikai Educational Trust. Upon completion of their undergraduate careers, two students – one Hobart and one William Smith – are acknowledged for their global awareness and commitment to international understanding. Recent recipients include Seth Abrams ’10, Keith Bartlett ’11, Chelsea Hudson ’12, Joelle Rudnick ’10, Andrew Upton ’12 and Ruiwan Xu ’11.

In the photo above, Assistant Professor of Architectural Studies Kirin Makker, Kimmie King ’14, Gina Mercuri ’14, Andrew Hellmund ’14 and Assistant Professor of History Lisa Yoshikawa gather at the Technos 50th Anniversary Ceremony at Technos College in Tokyo.