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Zhou is Guest Columnist in the Ithaca Journal

Jinghao Zhou, assistant professor of Asian languages and cultures, has an article titled “U.S.-China competition increasing” published in the Ithaca Journal, January 25.

The issue of U.S.-China relation has been debated for a long time, however, some people over concern China's challenge while some ignoring China's role in the global village. In his article, Zhou does not directly dispute with the two extreme viewpoints, but challenges the prevalent opinion in the United States that China is a political enemy, but China is possibly a friend or partner in the economic arena. According to Zhou, China is no longer a typical communist country, although it is still a difficult job to democratize China. The U.S. should pay more attention to its domestic issues and to making strategy policy toward China's economic challenge. Zhou argues that the U.S. should further develop the relationship with China because Sino-U.S. cooperation is one of preconditions to effectively handle global issues, although co-existing with communist China is one of the great challenges facing the U.S.

Zhou joined the faculty in 2001. He is the author of “Remaking China's Public Philosophy for the Twenty-first Century” (Praeger 2003) and had more than 40 academic articles published in Chinese publications before he came to the U.S.