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The Aleph Blog is Launched

Featuring reflections on Vietnam from the third volume and recollections of Senegal from the ninth volume, the newly launched The Aleph blog, an e-journal of global perspectives, showcases content that spans the whole of the 10-year tenure of the magazine.

“In the last year it became clear that blogs represented a great way to digitize the Aleph without having to create a whole web structure and interface,” says Center for Global Education Program Coordinator Doug Reilly. “It is increasing the audience for the Aleph, enables people to read it who don’t have a print copy in front of them, and, most importantly, serves as a ‘remix’ platform, allowing us to mix content from different volumes of the 10-year print run. The remix is what’s new: old content, new content, juxtaposed in different ways.”

Although the magazine is making the transition to a digital medium, CGE plans to maintain the print version.

“We’ll stay in print as long as we can,” says Reilly. “Print can do one thing that no web page ever can, which is get picked up in a random place by a random person and make a connection.” 

Established in 2001, The Aleph is a student journal of global perspectives published by the Partnership for Global Education. The Aleph premiers the best poetry, prose, photography and art produced by international and abroad students at HWS and Union College.

To read the submissions and learn about student study abroad experiences, visit:

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