Verni ’14 at Silvermine Arts Center – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Verni ’14 at Silvermine Arts Center

Marielle Verni ’14, a studio art major with a minor in media and society, is spending her summer interning with the Silvermine Arts Center in Connecticut. The Arts Center offers a multitude of art classes and has its own gallery, which hosts a number of exhibits throughout the year.

“During my time at Silvermine, I’m learning how an art association works and deciding if it’s right for me. I’m glad I get to see both aspects, a school and a gallery,” says Verni. “Maybe working around both will help me narrow down what I’d like to do with my passion for art.”

At the Arts Center, Verni has been helping with the organization of the school, setting up exhibitions, and taking pictures of the summer art camp.

She notes a watercolor class which she took last fall with Professor of Art and Architecture Michael Bogin helped her the most in her work with the Arts Center.

“He spoke to us as real art students and he gave us really helpful artistic advice, as well as encouraging us to step out of our ‘artistic comfort zones.’ I loved his class so much that I made watercolor my main medium and even asked him to be my adviser,” she says.

On campus, Verni is involved with the cross country and track clubs, and is an avid participant in the HWS Days of Service.