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Widenmeyer’14 Experiences Screenwriting

With a desire to pursue a career in screenwriting and directing, Connor Widenmeyer ’14, a double major in Media and Society and English, was thrilled to  spend his summer interning with Scenario, a company that focuses on story development for major motion pictures, television shows, and independent films. Scenario executives work with writers to develop their scripts in order for them to become viable for production, and then help the scriptwriters find a company who will produce their show, or movie.

“The internship was a combination between an internship and a training program. The internship aspect involved script coverage, development, and working the front desk to schedule clients and meetings,” says Widenmeyer. “The unique part was the story training part. I sat in on meetings between the top executives and various writers, listening to the story development process firsthand, which was extremely interesting and beneficial. I had the opportunity to work on the set of a horror film as a production assistant.”

On campus, Widenmeyer is a member of the Chimera Society. He is co-president and a goalie on the Hobart Club Hockey team. He is a tutor for America Reads and performed in Koshare. 

“HWS prepared me for my internship in LA,” says Widenmeyer. “The Intro to Media and Society sparked a desire to make films, or at least write screenplays. Through all my classes at HWS, I have learned to believe in myself and to have confidence in what I choose to do. Every professor has helped me develop confidence. Even professors I have never had a class with have invited me to their office to discuss my interests and future.”