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Studying Clinical Psych in Copenhagen

Although her summer travels took her far from campus, Lauren Foe ’14 had HWS on the mind as she traveled to Denmark to study with the HWS-affiliated Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS).

“Copenhagen struck me as a European version of Geneva – a vintage waterside town splashed with the colors of diversity and urban innovation,” she says.
While in Copenhagen, Foe studied European Clinical Psychology and its broader role in European society.

“Overall, the class made the theoretical discussions of clinical psychology and abnormal disorder treatment applicable to real-life scenarios. By the end of my time with DIS, I was able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a chosen psychological approach” says Foe.

While this trip certainly lent her a new perspective, Foe says she felt prepared to study in Denmark after taking classes in the psychology and public policy departments at HWS.

“The theories that I had studied in these fields at HWS served as an extremely helpful background for the ethical issues and clinical topics that we discussed in my course in Denmark,” she says.

The trip brought together different facets of her academic interests. “As I learned about different diagnostic criteria and theories, I was able to compare them to issues that we had focused on in my psychology courses, and was also able to associate Europe’s ethical therapeutic problems with topics discussed in my public policy classes,” she says.

Though the trip was primarily academic, Foe says she did much of her learning outside the classroom. “The opportunity to observe another culture and maximize my summertime both academically and culturally in this foreign place truly was an incredible experience,” says Foe, who also travelled to Vienna, Austria, and Malmo, Sweden.

On campus, Foe participates in community outreach and service through her involvement in the Bridging the Gap theme house, designed to strengthen ties between the Colleges and the Geneva Community.

In the photo above, Lauren Foe ’14 poses with Kaitlin Hastings ’14 in front of Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark.