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Delving into Databases

This summer, Kieran Koehnlein ’13, a double major in computer science and geoscience, participated in a summer internship with Scholastic, Inc., one of the world’s largest publishers and distributors of children’s books.

“I’ve always found computers fascinating. When I was younger it was because of how mysterious they were to me,” says Koehnlein. “Now, due to a slightly better understanding of them, I am fascinated with their potential and the mystery of how far technology will progress.”

While working with Scholastic, Koehnlein performed maintenance work on their computer database.

“I performed audits to check for data integrity and find errors,” he explains. “I designed the audits and a system to autonomously perform all of them on a daily or weekly basis, as well as devised a method to store any data errors they throw back until they can be corrected.”

Koehnlein believes his computer science professors at HWS prepared him for the internship. “I knew virtually nothing about databases before arriving at Scholastic, but my professors and classes gave me the skills to quickly adapt and expand my knowledge,” he says.

On campus Koehnlein works at IT Helpdesk, where students and faculty can take their computers for technical assistance. He is also an active member of the club MARS: Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault.