Kwesiga ’12 at School of Visual Arts – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Kwesiga ’12 at School of Visual Arts

Joe Kwesiga ’12 is continuing his education in New York City, attending the prestigious School of Visual Arts, which was founded in 1947 as a cartoonists and illustrators school. Kwesiga is enrolled in the master’s in fine arts program in the field of design for social innovation.

“After spending so much time in the architecture studios at HWS, I developed a strong curiosity and attraction for fields centered on design. With this in mind, I set out on my search for graduate schools with industrial design programs,” explains Kwesiga.

“That is when I came across the School of Visual Arts because its Design for Social Innovation program was unique: it melds with the practices of industrial design and endeavors to teach design as a tool for social and environmental impact. Some of the issues the program aims to address through design are: conservation, health, food and agriculture, poverty, women’s rights, social justice, fair trade, education and community revitalization.”

Kwesiga earned a B.A. in architectural studies and minored in studio art; he was involved in a variety of dance-related activities while at HWS, including Koshare.

“Dance served as a creative outlet as well as a source of inspiration when it came to my art,” he says.

Kwesiga credits his HWS education for helping him cultivate the ability to think from multiple perspectives.

“My time at HWS prepared me for my study at the School of Visual arts by allowing me to interact and collaborate with students in areas of study other than my own. Social innovation relies on collaboration: It thrives on the thoughts of the many rather than the thoughts of the few.”