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Kellogg Works in Genetics Lab

Biology major Emily Kellogg ’13 worked as a research assistant in the genetics lab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia under the direction of Dr. Kosuke Izumi. Through her summer placement, she gained a better understanding of the molecular pathway of a disease called Pallister-Killian syndrome, a genetic disease with phenotypic abnormalities.

“I learned how closely integrated clinical practice can be with medical research,” says Kellogg. “I am able to directly see how research can help understand a disease and lead to treatment.”

Kellogg wants to be a physician and was grateful for the opportunity to translate the skills she learned in the classroom to the research lab this summer.

“I hope I can take what I learned this summer and make a career out of it,” she says. “When I become a physician, I hope to do research like this in order to help patients.”

Kellogg performed DNA extractions and protein binding assays on patient cell lines. These techniques are aimed toward better understanding the disease.

On campus, Kellogg is a member of the William Smith soccer team. She is also a member of the Health Professions Club, and Hai Timiai, along with being a Blackwell Scholar. This fall she is serving as a Biology Teaching Fellow. She is an active participant in Days of Service and the Colleges Woodwind Ensemble, as well.