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Hess in Oxygen Magazine

Robert Kennedy's Oxygen Magazine is entirely devoted to women's fitness. It is totally committed to making Oxygen the most helpful, valuable, informative and entertaining women's fitness publication on the planet. Oxygen promises to tell the truth about women's fitness, which means it cannot happen overnight. A perfect body comes from serious sweat with serious nutrition.

The main critera in putting together this magazine is that the articles inform, inspire, educate and entertain the readers, making them feel that 'Oxygen' shows the way to super fitness and super shape, with practical 'how to' articles. Robert Kennedy is absolutely convinced that any woman in normal health can maximize her potential to the point where she has a killer physique.

Oxygen's philosophy is to combine progressive resistance exercise (weight training) with cardio exercise (step machine, walking, jogging, etc.) and keep to a low fat, low sugar diet. Naturally, adequate sleep is also important.