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“Simply Kaiya”

Ever since she was little, Kaiya DiPippo ’16 has shared an intimate relationship with music. That relationship has blossomed into a focal part of her life.

“According to my parents, I actually used to sing myself to sleep as a baby,” says DiPippo, who released her first demo CD last year titled “Sit Back and Wonder.”

Her next album titled “Simply Kaiya” is on pace to be finished within the next few weeks.

DiPippo has been surrounded by music her entire life, writing her first song when she was 11 years old.

“I largely contribute my relationship with music to my dad because he’s the one who taught me the first four chords on guitar that I wrote my first song with and he’s the one who makes me mixed CDs, broadening my musical interest. It’s a really great and unique thing that we share,” says DiPippo, who performed during Homecoming and Family Weekend on the Quad Saturday night.

Writing music based on her love and passion is a theme that she hopes to maintain as she continues producing music. “I’ve never really been one of those musicians who is in it for the glam and glitter behind it,” she explains.

On campus, DiPippo is leaning toward becoming an environmental studies major. She also intends to get involved with the HWS Live group, which coordinates musical performances on campus. As a first-year student, DiPippo says she is enjoying campus thus far and is looking forward to future involvement in more clubs and programs.

“I’ve had a really good first impression of HWS.  Everyone is really friendly and it’s just such a beautiful place to live and go to school and I’m really impressed by all the great on-campus clubs. There are so many different ways people can get involved and I think that’s really important.”

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