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Middle School Students Visit Campus

Middle School students from the Geneva City School District (GCSD) will get a glimpse at life in college during a Geneva 2020 initiative that invites the sixth-graders to explore the daily bustle in a day-long visit to campus. In an effort to encourage students to pursue higher education and introduce the opportunities provided by the Colleges, more than 160 sixth-graders will be welcomed by President Mark D. Gearan on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

“We’re thrilled to host the entire 6th grade class from the Geneva Middle School for the second annual campus visit opportunity,” says Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning Katie Flowers. “We aim to provide students with a sample of the wide variety of curricular and co-curricular options in college.”

In addition to a tour of campus and lunch in Scandling Campus Center, the middle school students will meet with members of the Colleges’ internationally recognized debate team. Based on a topic selected by the young students, the team will facilitate an interactive activity. Dividing the students into small groups, each group will be asked to brainstorm and formulate an arguments for their chosen topic – which they will then present.

The sixth-graders will also hear from undergraduates in Janet VanLone’s “Personal Empowerment” class. The program is designed to increase skills related to emotional intelligence, such as self-awareness, resiliency, and relationship management. By playing the game, “Why You Win When You Regulate Your Emotions,” sixth graders will learn the power of choosing their own state of mind, regulating their emotions and obtaining the best possible outcome when presented with problematic situations. Afterward, students will have a chance to discuss their reactions to the game with HWS students currently enrolled in the course.

The Geneva 2020 initiative was created by Hobart and William Smith Colleges and the GCSD in conjunction with community leaders from both the nonprofit and for profit sectors in an effort to align the greater Geneva community around the strategic priorities of the school system. The group seeks to harness the resources of the Colleges and the Geneva community to provide assistance in four key areas identified by GCSD as being critical to the future of Geneva’s children: graduation rate, career and college preparedness, literacy, and communications.

The photo above features a visit by Geneva School District students to campus last year.