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Barton Quoted on Meal Plans at College

Anne Barton, associate director of financial aid, was quoted on college costs, such as phone bills and travel, that parents are not expecting. She pointed out that parents don't know which option to choose with their child's meal plans.

“Very often people are paying so that the student can have three meals a day, seven days a week,” Barton said. “The reality is, students don't eat like that. Food service on almost every campus now is buffet style, all you can eat. And there is no student who is going to eat three buffet meals every day. If they do, they are going to come home 100 pounds heavier at the end of the semester. So parents are paying for something students are not really using. I always tell people to go with the standard meal plan. If your student calls home and says, 'I'm starving, I'm not getting enough to eat,' you can always up the meal plan or add snack points to it.”

The story ran in the Jan. 25 Courier-Post, from Cherry Hill, N.J. A similar article quoting Barton also ran in the Aug. 15, 2004, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, N.Y.