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Duran Duran Helps Land Job

By embracing her love of Duran Duran, Lauren L. Wells ’12 landed her dream job after graduation.

“When I was in high school I won a meet and greet with Duran Duran in Albany, and the woman running the meet and greet had my dream job working in marketing at PBJS, so I stayed in touch with her over the years as her career progressed and I was at HWS,” says Wells.

PBJS plans and produces events that showcase their clients’ brands across the country. After graduating from William Smith, Wells received a critical tip from her connection at PBJS that the company’s New York office had an opening; she sent in her resume and set up an interview.

“I met with the New York team for two hours and I felt very comfortable from the outset, which I think was a good sign,” she recalls.

Wells’ responsibilities include managing multiple projects for corporate clients in different industries. This includes traveling to events to make sure they run smoothly and pitching marketing ideas to clients.

“Overall, I feel extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity, and it feels like a great direction for my career. I’m enjoying this new chapter of my life; I have a solid network of friends and family in New York, and it feels as if I’m in the right place at the right time.”

Wells believes that her time at the Colleges played a critical role in preparing her for this opportunity.

“Balancing classes with extracurricular activities definitely taught me how to multitask, which is absolutely essential with this job,” she says. “I have to switch between different projects within a matter of seconds and HWS showed me how to balance a full schedule.” She also pointed to her time planning events with HWS Live and the Office of Student Activities as providing her with valuable event production knowledge she now utilizes at PBJS.

In particular, she credits Assistant Professor of English Kathryn Cowles with playing a particularly strong role in helping her to prepare for the career field. “Professor Cowles taught me that even the littlest of details are important,” says Wells. “She also taught me how to be a better editor of my own writing, which I am thankful for every day.”

She quickly adds, “Professor Rob Carson also taught me that liking Duran Duran is totally acceptable and that being able to take a joke at your own expense is key to surviving.”

Wells earned her B.A. in English from William Smith, with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in media and society. As a student, Wells interned at Sony Music: RCA Records and at music management companies Magus Entertainment and MCT Management; she also worked for eBaum’s World as a college marketing representative as well as in the William Smith Dean’s Office. She participated in the semester abroad program in London, England. In addition, Wells participated in  Live from Geneva, Thel and she wrote for The Herald.