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Taste of the Island

The Caribbean Student Association (CSA) will hold a discussion called “Taste of the Islands” in the Office of Intercultural Affairs at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 8. Each semester the club organizes a forum to address hot topics in the cultural context of the Caribbean.

In addition to the discussion, food will be served, including homemade dishes such as jerk chicken, brown stew chicken, curry shrimp, rice and peas and more.

This year’s topic is homosexuality within the Caribbean. CSA will collaborate with the PRIDE Alliance to discuss the discrimination and violence against the LGBT community in Caribbean countries. Area Coordinator Darnell Pierce, Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric Maggie Werner and William Smith Associate Dean Lisa Kaenzig will facilitate the discussion about the extent and volatility of homophobia in the islands.

Deseray Cargill’13, executive board member, looks forward to hosting the discussion each year. “It gives us a chance to connect with people through meaningful discourse on topics that they care about. We get a chance to debunk a lot of stereotypes about the culture while also critiquing some values and beliefs held in the Caribbean. The best part is that students who come will get an authentic, home cooked meal.”