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Dann ’05 Praises Her High School in Hometown Paper

Angela Dann, a member of the class of 2005, feels students at her high school in Marathon, N.Y., are meeting or even exceeding New York State standards. Her letter to this effect was published in the Cortland (N.Y.) Standard, in the Feb. 17 issue.

“When comparing scores from standardized tests such as the Math and ELA exams, fourth grade students attending Appleby Elementary in Marathon do very well,” wrote Dann. She also offered rebuttal for a previous writer's opinion that parent teach their children until they reach the age of 5, at which time they begin attending school.

“When I left for my first day of kindergarten, my parents’ job was not finished. Throughout the past 22 years, they continued to teach me valuable lessons,” she wrote. “I strongly believe that teachers are a valuable part of a child’s life; however, a balance must be reached by both teachers and parents.”