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Alumni and Alumnae Surveyed on Path to Happiness

Self magazine ran an article that focused on “How to live a more meaningful life” in its March issue, and included Hobart and William Smith graduates among its statistics for happiness. The article explores things in our lives, such as having a naturally optimistic nature, marriage, children, deep religious beliefs, satisfying work, good friends, and helping others, and whether or not they lead to happiness.

According to the article, in a survey of 800 graduates, who ranged in age from their mid-20s to their mid-30s, alumni/ae who ranked high income, job success and prestige as their top priorities were twice as likely as other classmates to describe themselves as fairly or very unhappy. Alumni/ae who said they valued close relationships were more apt than others to rate themselves as very happy.

The survey of Colleges alumni and alumnae was initially done by H. Wesley Perkins, professor of sociology. For more information on the survey, e-mail Perkins at