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HWS Responds to Sandy

With experts estimating that Hurricane Sandy caused more than $50 billion in damages, students, faculty and staff members have been vigilant in their efforts to help aid relief initiatives, including fundraising and outreach programs designed to aid those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

In multiple ways, the Hobart and William Smith community is aiding those whose homes were in the path of the super storm. Associate Director of the Centennial Center for Leadership Amy Forbes is organizing a direct relief trip, expected to leave from campus toward the end of November. (Contact forbes@hws.edu to apply.)

QR codes that lead to the HWS Responds Direct Relief International donation page are hung all over campus and prominently displayed at athletic events, and students and staff members are also raising money in Scandling Campus Center during meal times. The HWS community funds are being sent  to the American Red Cross and Direct Relief International.

After Sandy’s path of destruction resulted in the cancellation of more than 300 blood drives, the annual campus-wide fall Red Cross Blood Drive far exceeded expectations, with members of the community coming out in full force to address the huge deficit in donated blood created by the storm.

There are a number of additional relief efforts currently in the works across campus, including a benefit concert and Sandy-relief charity calendar, both organized by the Community Service House. Amelia Martinez ’12, of Bayonne, N.J., is also spearheading an effort to collect supplies for victims in the days leading up to Thanksgiving Recess.

Faculty, administrators and students who are interested in helping during Thanksgiving Recess or Winter Break are encouraged to visit Volunteer Match to tap into additional relief efforts in their area. For additional information about any of the on-campus initiatives underway, please e-mail serve@hws.edu.