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HWS, City Create Fellowship Program

Hobart and William Smith Colleges and the City of Geneva have established the Geneva Serves Fellowship program, through which a graduating, or recently graduated, HWS senior will be selected to participate on the City’s management team for a one-year assignment, effective Jan. 1, 2013. The positions will enable the City to test new programs and services while providing recent graduates with valuable experience and insight into the management of the City.

Applications are being accepted for the fellowship positions of manager of the Geneva Events Factory and organizational development analyst for the City. Applications are due by Dec. 7.

“The fellowship program will serve as a bridge between recent graduates’ undergraduate experience and the professional workforce environment,” says Brandi Ferrara, director of the Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development.

Each of the two graduates selected as fellows will be assigned a full-time, management-level position, with responsibility for development and operation of a new or proposed program, service or facility, including program planning, budgeting and financial management, execution and impact measurement.  A mentor from the City’s management team will help provide each fellow with insight into and understanding of City operations and organizational dynamics.  A stipend will be provided to each fellow, including room and board at the Colleges for the duration of the fellowship. At the end of the one-year period, the City will work with the fellows to determine whether the positions, programs or services should be permanently implemented.

The following are the descriptions for each fellowship position:


Manager, Geneva Events Factory:  The City is rapidly becoming a center for event hosting in the Finger Lakes. Over the past decade, a host of athletic, cultural and other events have used the City as a venue, with Seneca Lake and downtown Geneva as the perfect backdrop. The City is evaluating development of a hub for event hosting, in which event recruiting and scheduling, venue development and general event support will be fostered.


The fellow will be charged with development of a centralized calendar for City-hosted events, promoting Geneva as a venue for events, maintenance of an inventory of event supplies and equipment, vendors, and volunteers, and general event support. This position will report to Sage Gerling, interim director of Neighborhood Initiatives at City of Geneva.


Organizational Development Analyst:  As resources continue to tighten on the state and federal level, and with the changing dynamics of regional economies, municipalities must constantly evaluate new service delivery models in order to continue to deliver value for taxpayer investment.


The fellow will be charged with analysis of departmental operations for each City department, including development of process mapping, assisting department heads with data analysis and process engineering, and making recommendations on sustainability of existing practices. This fellow will report to City Manager Matt Horn.


Resumes are being accepted from recent HWS graduates as well as current seniors. If a senior is selected for the fellowship, he or she will do a credit bearing internship for the spring, with the paid fellowship position starting at the conclusion of the semester. Resumes are due Dec. 7 and applications can be made online at http://hws.experience.com.