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Leadership Event Coincides with MLK Day

On the eve of spring semester, young leaders of all experience levels will have the opportunity to learn, network, and develop their leadership skills at HWS during the 2013 Leadership Institute.

Held from Saturday, Jan. 19 through Monday, Jan. 21, 2013, the 2 1/2-day conference will feature more than 30 sessions, each with a distinct topic on leadership, such as global leadership, and community engagement. In addition, the conference is scheduled to coincide with Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In honor of King’s legacy and leadership, conference attendees will have the chance to participate in the annual march held through downtown Geneva.

The Leadership Institute provides a professional environment for HWS students to learn more about leadership and to advance their knowledge and skills. Along with students from HWS, attendees also will include students from Geneva High School and members of the Finger Lakes Community College’s Leadership Corps Club.

“The Leadership Institute is an important setting for students to meet and work with other students who they may not know,” says Morgan Hopkins ’10, coordinator of leadership programs at the Centennial Center for Leadership, which hosts the conference. “Student leaders or those who hope to be student leaders can use the conference to collaborate and learn from each other, while making great connections for the future.”

The 2013 annual conference will have dozens of event speakers, including alums, faculty, staff, students, community members, and other invited guests. There will be three keynote speakers, and each day will have its own theme: “Leading Self,” “Leading Others” and “Leadership in Action.” After presenting last year, Bill Mathis P ’13 and Lisa Mathis P ’13 are returning to the upcoming event as keynote speakers. Lisa is a seasoned business executive who has worked for corporations such as IBM, Pfizer, and JP Morgan Chase. Bill has lead high performance teams, including most recently at MasterCard International.

Other Leadership Institute speakers include students: HWS Leads student Sarah Feldman ’15, Caroline Dosky ’12, MAT ’13, HWS Leads student and CCL Student Advisory Board member Daniel Budmen ’15; alums: Felipe Estefan ’08 and Kaylyn O’Brien ’12; staff members who are alums: Tempe Newson ’11, Morgan Hopkins ’10, Jamie Landi ’08, Brian Burbank ’11; as well as other staff, faculty, community members, HWS coaches, CCL Fellowship awardees Brianne Ellis ’13 and Harry Gu ’13; and The Pitch 2012 winner Sara Wroblewski ’13.

From conference speakers to attendees, the Leadership Institute is set to be an engaging event for all. “Whether you’re senior or first year, the conference benefits those who attend by offering ideas and helping to develop skills,” Hopkins says. “Regardless of where you are on your leadership path, you can benefit from one of the many sessions, which are designed for those who are just starting out or have advanced skills. The Leadership Institute can accommodate your level of experience.”

For updates about Leadership Institute, visit the Leadership Institute Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/268926469887038/

The photo above features Bill Mathis P ’13 and Lisa Mathis P ’13 during the 2012 conference.