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Hauser Published in MIT Journal at Prompting of Former Student

Rick Hauser, an assistant professor of art and the principal of In.Site: Architecture, had an essay published in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) architecture journal “Pin-Up.” The focus of this issue was specialization in architecture and architectural education, and Hauser's essay was titled “The Frontier Architect.”

“To debate exclusively the role of specialization versus generalization in architecture and education marginalizes other practice paradigms that do not fit so snugly into either category,” wrote Hauser. “The 'specialist' is still a generalist navigating the project through rough seas with a crew of even more specialized consultants. Likewise the 'generalist' at his best has a specialized knowledge of a process and approach to design.”

Hauser has background is in landscape architecture and received his master's degree from the University of Virginia.

Evangelos Limpantoudis, who graduated cum laude from Hobart in 2001 and is now a student at MIT, is the magazine's co-editor and invited Hauser to submit the article. Limpantoudis majored in architectural studies with a concentration in studio art and minored in art history, taking seven courses and honors with Hauser.