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Teaching Fellows Launch Blog

Jillian McCarthy ’13 and the CTL staff have collaborated to launch a blog for HWS Teaching Fellows.

In joining the blogosphere, the HWS Teaching Fellows program, which helps HWS students learn through an educational environment beyond one-on-one instruction, now offers a place online for Teaching Fellows to connect and engage. The blog, which is available at www.teachingfellows.wordpress.com, provides an important platform for current and past HWS Teaching Fellows to exchange advice and information regarding what it means to be involved with the program.

“I hope that people will really use this blog, because it is an incredibly helpful tool, and it will become even better the more it is used,” says McCarthy, a philosophy major, with minors in economics and Latin American studies. McCarthy, who is a philosophy Teaching Fellow and lead Teaching Fellow, worked with Assistant Director of CTL Ruth Shields to bring the blog to fruition.

Through the creation of the blog, faculty and students have a publicly shared space to exchange thoughts on the role of being a Teaching Fellow. Specifically, the Fellows can comment and learn from faculty posts, and start shared dialogues amongst each other. This new platform allows for up-to-date information to be readily accessible. According to the blog’s main page, the Teaching Fellows are already hard at work “hiring new Lead TFs, observing new TFs, and running this blog.”

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