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Azour ’16 to Return to Israel

Listening to Talia Azour ’16 talk about her travels is an infectious experience. With enthusiasm, passion and an exuberant smile she discusses her recent globetrotting venture-a trip to Israel for Birthright. The 10-day trip sponsored by the non-profit organization was an invaluable stepping-stone allowing her to connect to a land and people that define her global identity.

This summer, Azour will return to Israel to take part in the Collegiate Leadership Internship Program based out of Tel Aviv. The competitive program, which offers experiences in New York and Israel, allows applicants to work toward fostering and developing professional leadership within the Jewish community and gain a broader global perspective.

“Birthright was a truly formative experience,” says Azour. “I knew from the moment I got back that I wanted to return to Israel so when the opportunity with the Collegiate Leadership Internship Program came up I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for.” Lorinda Weinstock, director at the Abbe Center for Jewish Life, brought the opportunity to Azour’s attention.

Organized by the Brofman Center for Jewish Student Life at New York University, the program matches undergraduate students with internships at a variety of for-profit, non-profit and Jewish communal organizations. The program, which accepts only students or permanent residents of New York and Long Island, provides the opportunity for interns to work four days each week with the fifth day spent participating in seminars.

“Having this experience will expose me to the world of international business,” says Azour. “Working internationally in marketing or sales after my time here at the Colleges would be a dream.”

Azour will return from the internship on Aug. 6 in time for the start of fall semester. 

On campus, Azour is a member of the Relay for Life committee and the HWS leadership certificate program. She also volunteers for Days of Service and works for the Office of Student Activities.