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Run for Student Trustee

Each academic year, the student body of both Hobart and William Smith elect a sophomore to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Colleges. Those who are elected are trained during their junior year as Student Trustees Elect and then are elected by the Board to serve as Student Trustees at the end of their junior year. In this role, they hold all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that come with being a full voting member of the Board of Trustees during their senior year.

Those elected as a Student Trustee hold one of the highest leadership positions on campus and thus must be knowledgeable, personable, engaging, and passionate about the well-being and future of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. In addition, Student Trustees have many additional responsibilities including participating in Board weekends and organizing student summits to better understand the needs of students.

Since Feb. 15, application packets have been available for sophomores who wish to pursue their candidacy for Student Trustee in the Office of Student Activities. These positions are available to students who have sophomore status and are in good academic and social standing. Petitions are due to Student Activities by noon on Thursday, Feb. 21. Open campaigning for those who have completed and submitted petitions will be from Friday, Feb. 22 – Thursday, Feb. 28.

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, there will be an important “Meet the Candidates” Open Forum at 8 p.m., which all students are encouraged to attend. This forum is an ideal opportunity to learn more about the candidates who will hold such an important leadership position on campus.

Elections will be held on Friday, March 1 via online ballot with runoff elections occurring in the following week if necessary.

The current Student Trustees are Loren Marshall ’13 and Kees Nordin ’13 while Abigail Evans ’14 and Greg Mathieu ’14 are the Student Trustee Elects. Interested students, should contact Jeff VanLone at