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Ostheimer ’14 Lands Magazine Internship

Perry Ostheimer ’14 was recently accepted to a much sought-after internship program this summer with advertising division of Seventeen Magazine in New York City.

A media and society major with a minor in writing and rhetoric, Ostheimer says that several factors attracted her to apply for the position, including the magazine’s vigilance in its work to promote a healthy body image for its primary readership base of teenage girls.

One such example, she says is the Seventeen Body Peace campaign, which promotes positivity and acceptance of body image. The pressure of an unhealthy idealistic body for women in our culture is overwhelming, Ostheimer says.

“It will be really interesting for me to be a part of the advertising team and see behind the scenes how Seventeen monitors their editorial approach and advertisements to reflect a healthy image for teenage girls,” Ostheimer says.

As she prepares for working in Manhattan, Ostheimer says being a student of the Colleges has helped to shape the early stages of her career path, through both pursuing an interdisciplinary education and joining in on several important career-focused experiences.

“I have always wanted to pursue a line of work in magazine publishing, fashion journalism or marketing,” Ostheimer says. “Throughout my time at HWS, my career aspirations have become more defined through the courses I’ve taken.”

Ostheimer, who currently is studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, says she’s also strived to take advantage of all of the great opportunities offered through the Colleges.

She’s participated in Media and Public Relations/Advertising Days in New York City during winter break, which is offered through The Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development.

“The experience provided me with valuable contacts, some of whom I have even had the opportunity to work with,” says Ostheimer.

Professor of Writing and Rhetoric Cheryl Forbes also has been a major support and influence at the Colleges, says Ostheimer, who has taken her courses on journalism, publishing, travel journalism and fashion journalism.

“Professor Forbes’ passion for writing and fashion has helped shape my interests and my desires for a career path,” she says. “She has been an incredible motivator for me and has pushed me to define myself and to achieve excellence.”

Aside from the influential and important coursework she’s taken on campus, last summer, Ostheimer interned at Esquire, as well as for B. Productions at the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards.

Part of her Esquire internship was creating a mock marketing proposal for Ray Ban, in addition to keeping up with new advancements in the publishing industry.

“The comparison between Esquire and Seventeen (a men’s magazine and a teenage girls magazine) will be extremely beneficial for me,” Ostheimer says.

Ostheimer says she has always had an interest and a vague sense that she would end up in the fashion or publishing industry in her future, and her experiences at HWS has helped to define a more realistic idea of some important roles that she could serve in the business, roles that hopefully will help the media industry to take steps in the right direction to promote a healthier image.