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Pavao ’14 Launches Blog in London

Ava Pavao ’14, a double major in theatre and political science, has launched a blog cataloging her adventures in theatre and live performance while studying abroad in London this spring.

“I am writing the blog because I love theatre and want to see as much as possible while I am in London,” says Pavao. She says her passion for live production inspired her to apply for the Student International Initiatives Fund – which she received – and will use to fund her pursuit of productions across the UK.

“This blog is an attempt to capture the adventures of world traveling, and specifically, the diversity and vivacity of the performing arts of the UK,” writes Pavao in an entry on the blog. 

Praising, questioning and evaluating – often humorously – the choices of actors and theatre directors, Pavao delves deeply into London theatre. Pavao’s entries paint a vivid picture of London theatre: the theatre designs, the costumes, the shocking moments during performances, and the many styles of British acting. From shows on the West End to Fringe shows, Pavao details her experiences in a nearly tangible way.

Nestled among her thoughts on specific productions, Pavao also takes a look at the physical sites of such performances. “The topics I cover in my blog are mainly play reviews, but I also have done pieces on areas in London – I recently wrote an entry about an old Roman theatre I came across in Malaga, Spain,” explains Pavao. “There is so much history here – all you have to do is look around.”

Studying abroad has allowed Pavao the opportunity to pursue her academic interests in London’s rich cultural setting.

“I really hope my readers enjoy my blog and are inspired to go see more theatre,” says Pavao. “I also hope the readers from HWS are inspired to become more involved with our growing theatre program – especially with the new Performing Arts Center coming soon!”

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