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First-Year Writing Prize Announced

The Writing Colleagues Program and Writing Fellows in the Center for Teaching and Learning will sponsor the inaugural First-Year Writing Prize this spring semester.

Vying for top honors are 18 student finalists, who were nominated by a First-Year Seminar professor on the basis of exemplarily student writing in an essay assignment during fall 2012. After a vetting process, two students will be recognized as prize winners, receiving a monetary stipend for their achievements.

The winners will be announced at 4:30 p.m. Friday, April 12, at a reception in the Seneca Room, located at 603 S. Main Street. As students ready for the announcement of the winners, all the nominees also will work with Writing Colleagues and Fellows to hone their piece, making it the best they can be.

At the Colleges, both Writing Colleagues and Writing Fellows bridge connections between students and faculty, facilitating student improvement in writing through nontraditional tutoring methods. Writing Colleagues are placed in a specific class and Writing Fellows work in the Center for Teaching and Learning.

“The First-Year Writing Prize will support a culture of writing, in which we recognize Hobart men and William Smith women for pushing the boundaries of conventional first year writing,” says Hannah Dickinson, the director of the Writing Colleagues Program and co-chair of the competition.

Dickinson is co-organizing the prize with the help of Coordinator of Writing Initiatives Caitlin Caron ’08, MAT ’10, who supervises CTL Writing Fellows.

“The First-Year Writing Prize will celebrate the work of our first-year students and encourage all students to think about the importance of writing at HWS,” Caron says.

Currently, there are plans to publish the student’s final essays in a booklet and to make them available online. These essays promise to be interesting and engaging reads, as they represent the finest writing produced in First-Year Seminars. These students have shown that they are serious thinkers, embracing the notion of living lives of consequence.

The nominees are as follows: Caroline Connor ’16, Tom O’Reilly ’16, Emily Fearey ’16, Hannah Cooper ’16, Patrick Ware ’16, Ali Ware ’16, Annie Bynke ’16, Xuan Chen ’16, Garret Janssen ’16, Kathryn Cohen ’16, Caitlin Petty ’16, Chris Wilson ’16, Kyle Wiatrowski ’16, Katherine Coughlin ’16, Brian Schimmel ’16, Veronica Bognot ’16, Daniel Schonning ’16.

The photo above features Hannah Dickinson, the director of the Writing Colleagues Program and co-chair of the competition, and Caitlin Caron ’08, MAT ’10, who supervises CTL Writing Fellows.