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Fisher Center Fellow Given Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship

Zdravka Todorova, Fisher Center pre-doctoral fellow, was awarded the Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship from the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Missouri Kansas City, where she is currently a doctoral candidate in economics. The Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship rewards interdisciplinarity and significance of the scholarly contribution.

Todorova's dissertation, “Reconsidering Households in Economic Theory,” takes a political economy approach and explores the place of households in the Theory of Monetary Production. According to Todorova, the importance of reconsidering households within a Theory of Monetary Production stems from the tendency to use household theories which are not informed by the capitalist relations of monetary production and which ignore the importance of money as an institution. The problem as identified by Todorova's dissertation is that these non-monetary household theories are used as basis for policy formulation in capitalist monetary economies.

“I love my dissertation because I believe in the importance of the questions that I am discussing,” shares Todorova.

With her dissertation, Todorova seeks to make contributions to the Post Keynesian, Institutional, and Feminist schools of economic thought by combining Post Keynesian monetary and liquidity preference theories; Institutional theories of consumption and the business enterprise; and Feminist economic analysis of unpaid labor.

“I am grateful for the wonderful support by the Fisher Center for the Study of Women and Men. I have had a productive academic year, working on my dissertation, teaching, participating in campus events, and sharing my research” says Todorova.

Currently, Todorova is teaching a class on “Gender Dimensions of Finance and Budgeting” at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.