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Montesano ’05 Wins Prestigious Philosophy Prize

Senior Marie Montesano presented a paper at the 10th annual Oneonta Undergraduate Philosophy Conference (April 15-16, 2005). Montesano's paper focused on the relationship of moral responsibility and professional responsibility among soldiers. Her paper was one of 28 papers selected for presentation (out of 48 submissions), and was one of 10 papers selected for a prize. Montesano's paper received the President's Award, which is based on “Philosophical Content (both quantity and quality), Exposition and Expression (especially the ability to present complex, difficult concepts in clear, distinct language), Insight, Creativity, and Originality, and Quality of Presentation (including interactions with discussants and others). She was the only woman to receive the President's Award. Past awards have gone to students from Columbia, Vassar, and Dartmouth, among other institutions.