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Murphy Advises Classes of 2005 on Finding a Job

Seniors Jackie Johnson, Joe Better, Greg Weitzman and Donna Richardson are just a few of the members of the Classes of 2005 looking for jobs now that graduation is looming in their futures. Their searches were featured in the April 18 Finger Lakes Times story “Networking critical to finding a job: 2005 have best market of recent years.”

“If [students] are very serious about employment, they need to become very focused now,” said Robert Murphy, director of the Salisbury Center for Career Services. “The first step is to identify what they want from a job–students need to evaluate their interests, values and skills and work to match those factors to possible professions. Once students have identified occupations they think they'd like, they should learn all they can about the jobs and companies they might want to work for.”

Murphy pointed out the importance of networking to find a job, citing 80 percent of jobs are unlisted.

“If you haven't established a network, you're not going to get to the total [job] marketplace,” he said. “Networks can be developed through alumni of a student's school, friends, family friends, past employers, virtually anyone you come into contact with.”