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Ready to Reminisce and Enjoy

For Michael Albano ’63 Reunion weekend will be the first time he sees some of his HWS classmates in 50 years.

“I have many fond memories of HWS, especially Theta Delta Chi fraternity,” says Albano, of Bethlehem, Pa. “I am looking forward to catching up with many friends.”

Friendship and memories are the motivating factors for most of the returning alums, whether they’ve been back to campus as recently as last year or, like Albano, are coming back for the first time in 50 years. Reunion 2013 runs from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9, and so far several hundred have registered to attend.

Jessie Schwartz ’08 was on campus last spring for the rugby reunion but is returning for the Colleges Reunion to see “friends who live across the country from me,” says the New York City resident. She fondly recalls spring days on the Quad and is looking forward to again enjoying “our beautiful campus.”

Cynthia Hammond Saalfield ’63, of Hot Springs Village, Ariz., says she registered to attend because “I only get one chance to go to a 50th reunion.” Saalfield also attended another milestone reunion, her 45th. For her, William Smith was the place where she learned to be on her own and made lasting friendships. She particularly liked the residences. “I liked living in the houses and dorms that were like old homes” and the Hobart and William Smith coordinate relationship.

“My sister went to Wells and they had to travel to date,” she explains.

Saalfield will have the opportunity to reconnect with some of her classmates from both Hobart and William Smith, and also to once again live on campus. She’s staying in a residence hall (although will likely find some upgrades since she lived there last) and has signed up for a number of events to make the most of her weekend.

“I’m gonna have a lot of fun,” she says.

In addition to Reunion favorites such as mini-college sessions taught by beloved professors, a historic tour of Geneva and a scientific excursion aboard the Colleges’ William Scandling, alums will have the opportunity to reconnect and just enjoy campus and Geneva again through events such as a Golf Classic tournament; Tour de Finger Lakes bike trip led by Sal Lilienthal ’88, owner and founder of The Bicycle Company; and mini college classes that provide an in-classroom look at HWS today.

Donald Burnett ’53, of Longmeadow, Mass., is attended his 50th Reunion in 2003 and is returning now 10 years later to reunite with some of his fraternity members.

“I have fond memories of playing lacrosse on campus and being a member of Theta Delta Chi,” says Burnett. “I hope that I get a chance to see and reconnect with my frat brothers.”

Like Albano and Burnett, Bill Corbett ’59 is looking forward to lunch on Saturday, where he will sit with members of Theta Delta Chi who are currently Hobart students, as well as alumni members.

“I missed my 50th in 2009,” he says. “I am 76 and as we get older we get nostalgic and want to revisit places that were important to us as we were growing up.”

Some alums will not be returning to campus after a time away, but rather will be among those welcoming people back.

“Since becoming a staff member after graduating, I’ve been able to stay connected with the community,” says Brian Burbank ’11, a member of the admissions office staff. “My favorite aspect of HWS is the community. Looking back, I have fond memories of the people that made my student experience great. Reunion weekend is a great time to reconnect with friends and acquaintances and to see other alums do the same.”

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