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Nepal ’15 Completes Fellowship Project

Subin Nepal ’15 recently researched and developed a project to enhance education in his home country of Nepal as the recipient of a Cohen Fellowship. He returned to Nepal and worked with Serving Souls Nepal to establish the Technology Resource Center, a non-profit organization of which he is founding vice president. The center is located within Vishnu Higher Secondary School in Pokharathok.

“My ultimate goal was to make the Technology Resource Center a public entity which can help the whole village as well as the school,” says Nepal.

He held training sessions for teachers focusing on computer hardware, software and even YouTube. “The teachers were extremely positive about the whole project and were very eager to learn how to operate computers,” he says.

The training sessions took place over the course of five days, followed by a two-step plan of technological application. First, the teachers demonstrated their knowledge of technology in a question and answer session with other teachers, the members of Serving Souls Nepal, and Nepal. Then, on the seventh day of training, the teachers were asked to relay to their students the knowledge they had acquired.

“After the training, I had one-on-one conversations with every teacher of the school and overall they were very positive and they had learned most of the materials taught to them in a speedy, seven-day session,” says Nepal.

His work has made it possible for the school to connect to the outside world through technology. The students are now open to a multitude of opportunities, while making them global citizens in a technologically driven world.

“Knowledge of computers is ultimately going to make them stronger candidates in higher education attainment and in gaining relevant labor market skills. It will also work as a very strong factor for better retention rates,” says Nepal. Serving Souls Nepal continues to oversee the benefits of the Technology Resource Center locally.

In completing his project, Nepal says he harnessed the knowledge and skills he gained from his affiliation with HWS Leads. “The instructions given during the HWS Leads Reader’s College were not only visible, but also extremely helpful. The ability to ask myself questions about what a good leader would do and what I was doing was definitely a direct outcome of what I had learned during my Reader’s College class.”

Nepal is an international relations and political science double major.