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Nast ’14 Lands L.A. Internship

Adam Nast ’14 has traveled across the country this summer to intern as a production assistant for Green Living Project Films (GLP) in Los Angeles. At GLP, a leading media production and marketing company, Nast is reaching out to organizations around the world to help create a partnership for an upcoming film.

“This internship will give me the opportunity to begin learning the necessary outreach techniques to run a successful production company,” says Nast, a media and society major. “But it’s also going to allow me to get my foot into the industry and test the waters.”

As a marketing and production company, GLP is focused on documenting, promoting, and supporting unique, cutting-edge models of sustainability from around the world, Nast says, noting that he anticipates gaining invaluable firsthand experience from the internship and will seek to promote the “green lifestyle” that’s supported by GLP.

“I’ve always been fascinated with documentaries and the power they hold with telling stories and influencing minds,” Nast says. The internship provides Nast the opportunity to use his passion for documentaries to spread awareness for being environmentally conscious. “In this era of global environmental and social awareness, one of the best things citizens can do is live and support a more sustainable lifestyle,” Nast says.

Nast learned about the internship earlier this year in January as a result of the L.A. “Behind the Scenes” trip offered by the HWS Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development. Each year, the Media and Society Department, Career Services, and alums in California join together to give students the opportunity to visit the Los Angeles area to explore the entertainment industry.

“One goal of the program is to connect students with alums and hopefully generate jobs, internships, and entry into the community of media makers, as Adam has done,” explains Professor and Chair of the Media and Society Department Les Friedman. Along with HWS staff, Friedman leads the trip with Professor of English Grant Holly and Associate Professor of English Elisabeth Lyon.

After participating in the L.A. experience program, Nast stayed in contact with Robert Holmes ’92, president and chief storyteller of GLP, who he had met on the trip.

“We helped Adam with his resume and networking efforts,” says director of the Salisbury Center for Careers Services and Professional Development Brandi Ferrara, “But Adam is the one who ultimately followed up with Robert Holmes to discuss the opportunity.”

In light of the internship, Nast says it’s a great opportunity to work on the cutting-edge of marketing and production, and he’s looking forward to making important professional connections for the future. “GLP Films has built a strong reputation as an authentic production company and the future looks bright and exciting as they dive into television,” Nast says.