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Dinosaur Exhibition by Alum Lauded

Beth Stricker ’07, director of exhibitions at the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca, N.Y., led the efforts to create the unique traveling exhibition, “Did Dinosaurs Poop?” which was recently honored with an Award of Merit from Museumwise. The regional nonprofit organization is dedicated to making New York State museums better.

“We are very excited about winning this award,” says Stricker, who was the project manager and lead designer on the exhibit. “It was nice knowing professionals in the area agreed with us on trying something new and I think that means in the future we’ll try other new things as well.”

The 1,800-square-foot exhibit is designed to capture the imagination of children ages 4-10. Children become food, fossils and paleontologists as they travel through the digestion process of a dinosaur.

“Our ultimate goal is to get young kids interested in science, have them understand the scientific method, and get them excited about learning more about science in the future,” Stricker added.

The exhibition was on display at the Museum of the Earth for four months before being sent to other museums throughout the region.

While at HWS, Stricker majored in classics with a minor in studio art and developed an interest in archeology. During an internship with the Geneva Historical Society in her senior year, she became attracted to the area of exhibits development. 
She notes that the support she received and connections she made at HWS proved to be pivotal in finding her niche.

“It seems like all students at HWS are always involved in many activities. HWS is a very positive community,” she says. “I always felt like I was a doing a great job, moving in the right direction and making great connections.”

Upon graduation, she began reaching out to various exhibit firms in the Philadelphia area in an attempt to land an entry-level job in the industry. Shortly after, she was hired by Interpretive Solutions, a firm that focuses on content development.

Stricker began working at the Museum of the Earth in July of 2010, after having received an MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design.

Alongside Stricker, there are two HWS alums working for the Museum of the Earth. Sarah Rosemarino ’08 is the marketing manager at the museum and Samantha Lesser ‘11, who just began working there in April, is the operations and programs coordinator.

In the photo above, Beth Stricker ’07 stands before the exhibit.