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Students Publish “Mind The Masses”

Seniors and juniors in Professor of Political Science Jodi Dean’s “Crowds and Power” seminar published a book in May 2013 to benefit the collective.

The book seeks to examine the crowd as a force of power with the ability to exert will, as well as a source of potential influence. The work also illuminates debates concerning the need for leadership, what happens to individuals within a crowd, and dynamics between leaders and members.

By exploring conflicting accounts of the crowd and collective consciousness, the student contributors of the book attempt to dissect the implications of the crowd and its affect on political and social life. Readers are taken through detailed materials on crowd theory, crowd potential and crowd networks.

Not only do Dean and her students hope that the book will spark debate on the theories, philosophies and impact of “the mind of the masses,” but they also encourage widespread distribution and republication of the work.

A PDF of “Mind The Masses” can be found on the Colleges’ website at:

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