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Zitoli ’14 with TripAdvisor

Olivia Zitoli ’14 is currently participating in an internship with TripAdvisor, a website that allows customers to search travel information and reviews. The services are free to users; the website is supported by an advertising business model. Zitoli is in Newton, Mass., working in the CPC Sales division of the company to investigate price discrepancy.

“Recently, TripAdvisor began including prices on their website which allowed for certain price integrity issues. My job is to ensure that partners are displaying accurate prices that include all taxes and fees,” explains Zitoli. “If I come across any discrepancies I contact our account managers. At the conclusion of the summer I will be reporting my data to senior leadership of the CPC Sales division as well as presenting a PowerPoint on how our competitors display price.”

The internship has allowed Zitoli, a history major with career interests in the areas of human relations and communication, to experience the day-to-day expectations of account managers, develop her communication skills with senior leadership, and work with deadlines.

“I am finding the CPC Sales Division to be a highly challenging atmosphere for me and am grateful for the opportunity to learn. I would hope to eventually work in the HR department or a sales focused division,” she says.

A standout on the William Smith soccer team, Zitoli drew strength from her time on the field as she began her internship search.

“My experience as a student athlete at HWS has greatly developed my leadership and public speaking abilities -which were vital during the interview process. My confidence has grown throughout my three years here at HWS thanks to professors and coaches who have challenged me on and off the field,” she explains. “Going into the interview with TripAdvisor, I knew that I could represent myself confidently and express why I would benefit the company this summer.”