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Nepal ’15 Interns for Ocean Foundation

This summer, Subin Nepal ’15 stretched his intellectual curiosity, interning for The Ocean Foundation in Washington, D.C.

“The internship is what I refer to as liberal-arts in action,” says Nepal, a double major in international relations and political science with a minor in economics. “Environmental science was something that did not directly relate to the field I am studying, but based on the interdisciplinary curriculum at HWS and my involvement on campus, I felt confident in my skills and abilities.”

The Ocean Foundation is a nonprofit organization geared toward supporting organizations dedicated to ocean conservation. Nepal was intrigued at the opportunity to integrate his knowledge and skills and find a way to shift his education and experience to accommodate his interests.

“I’m not just studying one thing,” says Nepal, who notes that his primary interest is in global security. “I have diverse interests and a diverse education to go along with my interests. I’ve taken classes in everything from computer science, math, physics, to political science and international relations, so that really helped me integrate my education and enhance my experience at the internship.”

Working as a research intern, Nepal’s duties included helping to identify candidates to receive an endowment from the Ocean Fund, and helping businesses decide to donate, using a metric system to rank candidates.

“The internship allowed me to get a firsthand look at one aspect of global security,” Nepal adds. “Oceans are not limited to one specific country; they span across the globe and are used for means of transportation, means of food, and fuel. There are so many lives that are directly and indirectly impacted by oceans, and keeping up with ocean conservation is very important.”

Putting his leadership qualities to work, Nepal also headed one of the firm’s biggest summer projects. He led a group of interns to create a model for marine migratory species in the Western Hemisphere, tracking how mammals and fishes migrate.

On campus, Nepal served as treasurer of the Hobart Student Government, treasurer of Project Nur and was a member of Chimera and Orange Key honor societies. Additionally, he completed a Cohen Fellowship through the Centennial Center for Leadership this year.