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One Bead on Times Square

One Bead, a nonprofit organization created by Sara Wroblewski ’13 to raise money for a school in Kenya, will have a presence in Times Square alongside Blackberry, the NFL countdown to the Super Bowl, AMC, Thompson Reuters News and Samsung.

The company’s public service announcement will begin appearing on the Times Square jumbo screens this Thursday, Aug. 1, starting at 6 a.m. The ads will run four times per hour, depending on availability. One Bead’s goal is to fund expensive, but necessary projects to improve education in Kenya through the sale of $12 glass beads.

The ads were primarily designed by Sarah Beth Hulver, a motion media design student at Savannah College of Art and Design, who also designed the One Bead logo and has worked closely with the organization as their promotional artist. Charlotte Lysohir ’12 and Wroblewski also helped with the concept.

Last year at HWS, Wroblewski presented her idea for One Bead during The Pitch, a competition for student entrepreneurs that’s facilitated by the Colleges’ Centennial Center for Leadership. Wroblewski won the contest, landing a $10,000 grant to help advance her plans for One Bead. The funds helped Wroblewski to register One Bead as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Just one year later, One Bead has raised thousands of dollars.

Wroblewski discovered through a connection that Thompson Reuters had availability for a Public Service Announcement on their Times Square screens.

“Once aware of this opportunity we met with our Board of Directors and discussed possibilities with our motion graphics designer,” she explains. “We then presented our concept to their outdoor advertising division and were delighted to find that our work exceeded the expectation for a PSA. That same day they offered us a spot in their rotation alongside Blackberry, the NFL countdown to the Super Bowl, AMC, Thompson Reuters News and Samsung.”

To see the One Bead PSA live on the Times Square screens, visit the Thompson Reuter’s webcam.