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Wendt ’14 Gains Journalism Experience

Kelly Wendt ’14 is spending the summer interning with the Easton Courier, a local newspaper in her hometown of Easton, Conn.

A writing and rhetoric major, Wendt is experiencing all the multifaceted duties that come along with working for a small, local newspaper, including conducting interviews, writing stories, photography, reaching strict deadlines and updating the company webpage.

“From the first day, I have learned so much about print and online journalism,” says Wendt. “Because I am working for a smaller newspaper, I am getting a lot of hands-on experience in different areas.”

Unsure of the exact career path she wishes to pursue, she notes that this experience has shed some light on the possibility of exploring a career in journalism. “Being able to get some insight into how the world of journalism operates has definitely got me thinking seriously about where I see myself down the road — even if it isn’t a completely clear picture yet.”

On campus, Wendt is the incoming president of the PRIDE Alliance, a resident assistant, serves on the William Smith Judicial Board, and is on the Budget Allocation Committee. Additionally, she notes that her experience in the classroom has translated well to the internship.

“So far I have been able to draw upon my knowledge from each and every writing class I have taken at HWS,” she explains. “I would not have been able to take on this internship if not for all the support and guidance from the entire writing and rhetoric department.”

In the photo above, Kelly Wendt ’14 is with Tom Herrmann, first selectman of Easton at the town’s Republican caucus.