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Around the Beltway this Summer

This summer, Eden Tesfaye ’14 is working for both the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) and the Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia campaign, splitting her time between Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

She begins her day serving as a membership intern at the NCRC’s office in D.C., where she mainly focuses on fair housing for minorities and helps to ensure grant information is compliant with certain regulations. She also does basic nonprofit lobbying.

Testfaye then heads to Arlington, Va., to begin her second day job as a political outreach intern for Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Governor of Virginia.

“I work at headquarters, where the planning for the campaigning takes place,” Tesfaye says. “As a political outreach intern, I research and organize the political landscape.”

Although her jobs are in two different fields, Tesfaye views each as important stepping stones in her life.

“I ultimately see myself as running a political campaign as a chief of staff,” says Tesfaye, a double major in political science and English with a minor in public policy minor. “Working for Terry McAuliffe at headquarters has given me an inside look at politics and what is necessary to run an effective campaign. Every detail counts in politics.”

Tesfaye credits the Colleges with helping her obtain both positions. She says that after returning to campus from the Washington, D.C. Public Policy program her first goal was to land a summer internship. She successfully landed two internships after reaching out to the Salisbury Center for Career Services and her fellow classmates.