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Wittig ’94 Shifts Career

Scott Wittig ’94 recently has been named assistant vice president and mortgage loan officer for North State Bank Mortgage in Apex, N.C.

After graduating from HWS, Wittig went on to become a motivational speaker for young adults who feel they are at a dead end. Known as “The It Guy,” he has written two books, “The Second Day” and “Holy IT!” Wittig had recently been working with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, one of his stops along the way of his 18 years of experience in the field.

The move takes Wittig from a large financial institution to a smaller, community bank. “Being able to offer more of a personal touch goes far in the mortgage industry as it helps to build trust – with trust comes more referrals and repeat business,” Wittig says. “I am also excited about this change because of the partnership between my company and the nationally known ‘Homes for Heroes’ program, which was born from the events of 9/11.”

His role as a motivational speaker stems from the very subject matter he preaches – that people need to find their reason for living. “Figuring this out can be scary for some because they think they have to drop everything to go after it,” Wittig explains. “I am living proof that you don’t have to. I’ve continued on in my career in mortgage lending and still was able to ‘scratch the itch’ of helping others achieve in their lives by way of my writing and speaking.”

Wittig credits both of his career paths as opening doors in both directions. His books and motivational speaking have become what he calls his “personal business card,” which presents his identity to others while his role with mortgage lending creates a large network of connections.

“Scott is highly regarded in the mortgage industry and we are grateful to have him as a part of our team,” says Ken Sykes, president of North State Bank Mortgage. “Scott’s motivation and character are contagious. He is precisely the lender we need to penetrate into the Apex market.”

At Hobart and William Smith, Wittig was a psychology major and a member of the soccer team. He currently resides in Apex with his wife Jeanne and their two children. Wittig also is involved with Lighthouse Family Retreat, an organization that is part of his community that helps families living with childhood cancer.

“All along the way, I am serving my life’s purpose and loving every minute of it!” says Wittig.

Currently, Wittig maintains a blog as “The It Guy” available at http://www.scottwittig.com/

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