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Vittum ’15 Tests Financial Waters

For Cade Vittum ’15, the summer was an eye-opening glimpse of life after college. Vittum worked in Chicago, Ill., at an internship in the private client investors department at William Blair & Co., an independent and employee-owned global investment banking and asset management firm.

“I lived in Chicago with three other Hobart students paying rent and traveling to work every day,” said Vittum, a public policy and political science double major from Wolfeboro Falls, N.H. “It was a good experience just to see what goes on in the real world and it was great as far as understanding business.”

Testing the waters in the financial industry, Vittum had an all-encompassing internship experience, including being assigned long-term projects and prospecting for new clients and advisers.

“For the most part they gave me some tools to just figure out the language of the business,” Vittum said. “It’s a diverse industry so it was a little bit of exposure to everything. The company really has its foot in every facet of the industry.”

One project he worked on was marketing to attract clients to the company’s retirement planning services. He also helped the company with its new “Investible Model Portfolios” initiative, a program to take accounts that don’t have very high returns and put them into investible model portfolios that help both the customers and the company.

Also as part of the internship, Vittum spent a day volunteering at the Chicago food depository, learning about what they do, who they serve. This gave him the opportunity to get a different perspective on the city.

“I got to do some things very unique to the company,” said Vittum. “This was much more of a practical real life experience. I was able to learn from others’ mistakes as well as what they do right.”

He said the “most practical” thing he took away from the internship was planning ahead for retirement – something he believes too many people his age tend to overlook.

“It was a great summer,” Vittum said. “There’s more out there than you know, you just have to keep your eyes open.”