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Herald Gearing Up for Semester

This year, The Herald plans to focus and expand on their current website, hwstheherald.com. As the staff gears up for the fall semester, they are looking forward to working with incoming first years and growing the staff of the Colleges’ student-run news source.

“We’re already starting out the year on a very promising note with how much participation we’ve had for our Orientation Edition,” says Morgan Gilbard ’15, editor-in-chief of The Herald. “Our staff is larger and stronger than ever, so we hope to begin expanding our web presence with exclusive videos covering campus events and issues. The web is a great forum for us and, ideally, we would like to see this generate a dialogue on campus about issues that students do not see being addressed elsewhere.”

Established at Hobart in 1879, The Herald has been the main source of campus happenings since its inception more than 130 years ago. It has been a popular extracurricular activity among students in its long history at the school. The website was launched in 2011 to supplement the paper edition and keep up with changing media demands.

The paper will feature half of its bi-weekly editions online only, and the other half online and in print. Students can find print editions located in a number of locations on campus including: The Scandling Campus Center, Stern Hall, the Cellar Pub, Warren Hunting Smith Library, and in the new outdoor boxes located around campus.

For the incoming Classes of 2017, The Herald will offer useful advice and information in its inaugural “Orientation Edition.” The edition will include a general run down of the campus and tips on various topics like living with roommates, Saga meals, where to eat around town, and information on fraternities. As students return to campus, the edition is available in The Herald stands and boxes.

“The edition is geared towards first years,” says Aislinn Raftis ’15, managing editor. “We really want them to know that we have a paper and make sure they know that we have a website.”

The Herald also featured a new “internship series” over the summer for staff members to share their experiences and stories from various internships. Blogs are posted on The Herald website. Contributors include Annie Mandart ’14, who traveled to Beijing, India, and California for her internships with Chegg and Zinch; Raftis, who is interning for a magazine in New York City; Gilbard, who is interning for Rubenstein Public Relations; and Bonnie Bushnell ’14, who is studying dance abroad in France.

The publication is always accepting new writers. The Herald will hold meetings at 5 p.m. on Mondays beginning Sept. 2. Students interested in writing also can contact Gilbard via herald@hws.edu with any questions or interest in joining the staff.