Fisher Center Presents Indigo Blue – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Fisher Center Presents Indigo Blue

The Fisher Center for the Study of Women and Men will present Miss Indigo Blue, headmistress of The Academy of Burlesque, in Seattle, Wash., as part of its year-long exploration of the topic, Our Bodies, Ourselves, on Wednesday, Sept. 25. Her performance and discussion will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Winn-Seeley Theater at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

In describing her talk she writes, “I am in love with bodies. I am utterly infatuated with those that use their bodies and their sexuality as a means of artistic, spiritual and political expression. Burlesque performers embody ideas about women, sexuality, pleasure and mischief using melodrama, storytelling, curiosity and the theatrical conventions of comic strip-tease. Burlesque audiences participate in this expressive interaction, with vocalizations, gestures, laughter and shock.”

Blue will demonstrate a burletta (burlesque act) then dissect it with the audience. The discussion will provide the opportunity for collaborative deconstruction between artist/viewer, participant/observer and student/teacher.

She is an internationally known performer, educator and community leader in the burgeoning sub-cultural phenomenon of neo-burlesque. She has pioneered understanding of this unique theatrical art form that has had powerful influence in contemporary culture from fashion to music and film. Blue has been recognized in books, magazines and film as a leading resource in comprehending the significance and relevance of burlesque. Her award-winning performances have earned her critical acclaim. She is now best known for her lavish wardrobe and perfectly executed classic acts, including tributes to Burlesque Legends Wild Cherry and Ricci Cortez.

Each semester, the Fisher Center looks to bring together the HWS community through its academic conversations to cultivate understanding and social justice in contemporary society.