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Garcia’13 Enters Design Program

Valerie Garcia ’13 has begun the highly competitive interior design master’s program at Harrington College of Design in Chicago.

Harrington’s master’s program focuses on fundamental design process skills and knowledge, along with required core courses in interior design theory, research methods and studio-based courses in which theory and method are integrated through application in project-based work.

“Overall, the goal will be to create a solid foundation in interior design, including sketching, drafting, code analysis, material selection, lighting and presentation,” explains Garcia, who believes the Colleges helped her in the process of transitioning to graduate school.

“As an architectural studies major, I interacted with art in every form. Whether I was designing, planning, presenting or researching, my education helped transform the way in which I think and work. My passion and appreciation for interior design boldly came out while learning in an environment that not only taught me how to creatively understand conceptual design, but also its ability to create conversation and a story within a space,” she says.

Garcia knew she wanted to go to graduate school. “The Colleges as a whole helped give me the courage to believe in myself and make what I had always wished for become my own reality.”

The recent graduate plans to learn as much as possible and enjoy this newly defined experience. “By becoming a member of the Harrington College of Design, my hopes are to continue to learn and grow as a creative, playful and critical thinker and become a designer that produces spaces seen as pieces of art in harmony with those living and breathing in it,” says Garcia.

Her interest in interior design was sparked at a young age. “I would aimlessly flip through the pages of my mother’s design magazines laying around the house. Little did I know those glossy pages would provoke me to earn a B.A. in architectural studies,” she says.

On campus, Garcia was involved in different campus activities such as Days of Service, the Architectural Society, and the College Republicans. Garcia also interned at many different places, including Whirl Magazine, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and The Abraham Group, LLC.