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Bryce ’09 Performs in “Sordid Lives”

DC Metro Theater Arts, an online theater review website, recently posted an article featuring an interview with Hobart alum Alex Bryce ’09. The piece focused on his “powerful performance” as Ty Williamson in Dominion Stage’s production of “Sordid Lives.” Bryce, who is deaf, is working with a voice interpreter for the role.

Bryce was previously involved with set production for Dominion Stage, but initially hesitated even to try out for the role amid hearing, non-signing actors. He says, “With some encouragement from friends, I decided I needed to step out of my comfort zone and try out for the role. I’m happy I did!”

Until he took this role, Bryce had not acted since he was a teenager, when he was involved in Puppets in Education. For “Sordid Lives,” he spent a lot of time working with his voice interpreter “becoming familiar with each other’s performances and getting our timing right.”

Bryce talks about portraying Ty: “My character is a closeted gay man in his mid-twenties struggling with homophobia (both internal and external). He eventually comes out of the closet and reconciles with his friends and his mother. Like any other queer individual, I’ve had to cope with internal and external homophobia in my decision about whether to come out as a gay man. I’ve had to reconcile my own skewed perception of homosexuality (as influenced by society and family) with my own identity as a deaf gay man. . . . I can identify with Ty’s pain and struggle to come out and the fear of being rejected. I drew upon some of those personal experiences to portray Ty in my monologues.”

When asked what has been the most rewarding experience working on this show, Bryce responded, “I’ve definitely grown as a person. I’ve always said that I have a horrid memory and that I have stage-fright. It’s been a good challenge to step out of my comfort zone and to discover some talents I never knew I had, to discover something I never realized I would actually enjoy. It’s been a great experience to work with everybody on the production itself.”

Bryce earned a B.A. in mathematics from Hobart College and minored in LGBT studies and aesthetics. While at HWS, Bryce ran cross country and was the team captain in 2008. As a Hobart athlete, he received the John L. Brown ’32 Award and the Joe Abraham Prize and was a two-time Liberty League All-Academic honoree. Bryce was involved with the Druid and Chimera honor societies and Phi Beta Kappa. He participated in the Math and Computer Science Club, Pride Alliance, and Anime Central and was a Common Ground mentor.

In the photo above, Alex Bryce ’09 (right) is working with an interpreter in the role. Photo by Matthew Randall, Allrand Photography.

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