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WS Alum’s Cancer Memoir in Washington Post

William Smith alum and author of two books Melissa Bank '82 had her memoir “Alive on Earth–Pretending to be fine has its limitations” published in the Washington Post, July 10. The memoir recalls her battle with cancer.

In it, she writes of the early moments of diagnosis: “Over the phone Dr. Yurt had said only, '. . . abnormal cells . . .' Now, when he said the words breast cancer, my brother gripped my shoulder — involuntarily, I think.”

She goes on to write about chemo and radiation, a bicycle accident and the people who stood by her–and the moment she realized she was still “… alive on Earth.”

To read the full memoir, click here.

On July 11, Banks was the featured guest in a Web chat by the newspaper. To read the full chat transcript, click here.

Banks is the author of “The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing” and “The Wonder Spot” published in May by Viking.