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Talk Focuses on NYC Public Spaces

How are design, identity, public space and politics in New York City related? Join Assistant Professor of Architectural Studies Jeffrey Blankenship and members of the HWS community for a special guest lecture with Kristine Miller, head of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Landscape Architecture. The presentation, “Designs on the Public: the Privately Owned Public Spaces of Trump Tower,” will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7 in Houghton 112.

Miller’s talk will be centered on New York’s privately owned public spaces, five of which are owned by Trump Tower. Additionally, it focuses on the building’s history, design, use and development and how it affects the fundamental problem of aesthetics and public space. These spaces have gained attention since members of Occupy Wall Street were moved from Zuccotti Park in the city.

Among Miller’s most recent publications are “Designs on the Public: the Private Lives of New York’s Public Spaces” (2007) and “Almost Home, the Public Work of Gertrude Jekyll” (2012). These books map relationships between design, identity, politics and places.

Additionally, Miller examines the potential of landscape architecture to create more equitable cities through ReMix, an award-winning community/university partnership with social enterprise-based community organization, Juxtaposition Arts.  This organization also collaborated with colleges in the Minnesota area on teaching, research, design and outreach projects integrating design education with local community building efforts.