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Shen’93 Discusses China’s Markets

Yu-Qing “Jeff” Shen ’93 provided commentary about Chinese markets on CNBC earlier this year. Shen is managing director and portfolio manager at BlackRock, an independent global asset management firm.

“China is certainly a big driver in the overall emerging market investment and China is slowing down visibly in front of everyone,” Shen said. “I think the big question for investors is ‘China’s intentionally trying to slow down, but is the world really ready for China to slow down?'”

Shen goes on to question where China will slow down in the broader market, be it real estate, consumer spending, etc. He believes the slowdown comes from the areas of exporting, infrastructure spending, and domestic consumption.

He also discusses tensions in the Japanese and Chinese markets, as well as how the tension between North and South Korean markets are weighing on Asian markets in general.

“Liquidity is an issue and that’s the reason we manage this professionally for investors,” he says, adding “And differentiation will be very important and there will be winners and losers.”

Shen earned a B.A. in economics from Hobart College and then went on to earn a master’s degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He then earned his Ph.D. in finance from New York University.

Currently, he is the head of BlackRock’s Emerging Markets and co-head of investments for BlackRock’s Scientific Active Equity. He is a member of the Global Operating Committee, Human Capital Committee and Asia Pacific Executive Committee. Shen’s previously worked for Barclays Global Investors, which merged with BlackRock in 2009.

The full video clip of his CNBC interview is available online.